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Exclamation Big scam - beware

I have just dealt with a very nice person that looked me up by my face book account and reached out to me because they thought I scammed them out of there money. This all started back in August last year when I answered an add on racing junk about a blower I wanted to buy. I received a response from the add with a phone number. I called the person and discussed the purchase. He sounded great. I told him I don't send money for anything unless I see the parts in front of me which led me to ask about doing the transaction via cash on delivery. He wanted to consult his attorney about how this could work. I said sure. He got back to me saying he wants me to send a selfie of me holding my drivers license so he has an idea of who he is dealing with. He also asked for a bill showing a second proof of address. I agreed to send a picture of me only and asked he send one of him to me. He did so I sent him mine. After much promise that the blower was on the way, I hadn't received a tracking number as promised. I called him back the next day and he said he hasn't made it to send yet but will get it going. That was the end of him taking my calls after . I texted him a couple times with no response for the next week or so. He did text back once after a couple weeks saying he's finally getting it sent. That was the last time I heard from him. Oh well. Didn't want to COD I guess. Well, about 2-3 months later, I received a face book message asking if I had parts for sale on racing junk. I replied no. Not thinking to muck of it. End of that until this last Tuesday when I received another FB message from the person I mentioned at first. They were very threatening saying they wanted there money back they paid for a procharger set up and had my info to prove to the police and were even going to come to my house to confront me about it. I replied back telling them I don,t know what their talking about and how I felt I almost got scammed awhile back. I ended up calling them and speaking to her and her husband. They apparently sent a down payment ($2500) for the pro charger and haven't heard back from the company except they did get a picture of me (the one I sent with my license) showing I was the person responsible. They also sent me a link to the companies website showing me as a co-founder office manager. There is a big list of people I believe he scammed and got there pictures from claiming there employees. One of the people listed was the founder of the company that was the picture he originally sent me when I asked for proof. I'm sure this person was scammed also.I just want everyone to know about this scam and website. Here is the link to there bogus cover up.

You can go there and see the people listed under "meet the staff" icon. There I'm listed. They also have engines and parts for sale that are the same ones on racing junk. Please be aware of this scam. Here is a list of the people they have listed.

Johnson I. Aiden

Founder and Manager

Studied in Europe and ASIA

ASE Certified Master L1 Technician
18 years experience in the automotive business

Justin L. Carnaggio

1st Co-founder and Office Manager

Studied Business management

Kevin A Wayde

2nd Co-founder and Office Manager

Studied Business management

Recio Sergio

Technician in formation

Legend car Race Driver

Mathew E. Ford

Office Secretary 1

Ma Xingyuan

Office Secretary 2

Gutridge H. Marie

Financial Secretary/ Customer Service

Lizp M. Stanley

Assistant Financial Secretary

Phillip S. Moronzi

2nd Assistant Financial Secretary

Bert Webster

Certified technician

Sean Owen

Certified technician

Thomas Lopez

Certified technician

Grady Williamson

Certified technician

Frankie Payne

Certified technician

Harvey Lamb

Certified technician

Paula Neal
Certified technician

Ramiro Gobin

Certified technician

Rudolf Meals

Certified technician

Royce Winkle

Certified technician

Quentin Hepner

Certified technician

Deon Fortino

Certified technician

Louis Cottone

Certified technician

Josh Hoggatt

Certified technician

I'm filing a federal Internet fraud case about this site and hope anyone else scammed or listed wrongly will too. Here's the link for that:

I'm so sorry if anyone got scammed thinking it was me or anyone else on that site. Feel free to reach out to me if you have and I will discuss of course.

Be careful out there. The internet is great but also terrible at the same time.

Kevin Azar

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