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Default Probably Scam

I was contacted by text with someone interested in a buying a trailer. We exchanged emails, here is the contact info and the message he sent.
Emailed from: [email protected]
Phone Number: 609-447-2623

"Thanks for getting back to me regarding the text...I hope it is in good condition? and there wont be any cause of disappointment if i purchase it from you? I am ready to pay the asking price, i need to buy it for my Son asap, i have read through the advert and i'm totally satisfied with it,sadly i would not be able to come personally to collect due to my hearing loss and me being in wheelchair.I would appreciate if you send me more photos (if available) since i'm unable to see it in person.I have a freight agent that would help me to pick it up at your preferred location after you have received your money,My Mode of payment is PayPal because i don't have access to my bank account online, but i have it attached to my PayPal account. Since I'm requesting this transaction to be done via PayPal, I will be responsible for all the PayPal fees/charges on this transaction, if you don't have an account with PayPal, it's pretty easy, safe and secure to open one. Just log on to I hope we can make this transaction as fast as possible,So kindly get back to me with the info below so I can work everything out!

PayPal Email:
Full Name:
Firm Price:

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Received the very same message it struck me weird that way it was worded and he did not use message centre thru this ad I posted
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Scam. They want your email address. Don't respond. If they don't specifically name the item you have for sale, it is a generic robo email. As soon as they mention using a third party, freight agent, they will want to end you more money than asking price and you send some to the freight agent. If they are in a hurry to buy, if they say they are disabled, if they say they are buying for a relative, if they don't ask many questions before offering to purchase, if they are hearing impaired so they can't answer the phone number listed, using the words "advert" or "kindly", those are all scam type verbage.

This message has a lot of clues it is a scam.

If you look up in the scammers and feedback section of this forum, I think [email protected] already has been talked about as a scammer.

Never buy or sell anything racing related online without talking to the other party in person on the phone. And then still be cautious.

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Same with texts now. I posted a car for sale and within 24 hours, I had two texts from these numbers:


These people are almost identical in their texts saying they will send a cashier's check for the payment and when it clears, they will send a transport to pick up the car.

Ive never heard from them again even after calling their numbers and doing a reverse lookup to see who they are. My guess is they are cell numbers issued from a convenience store.
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I received a text from an Anthony Dean, phone numbers 908-485-8023 and 917-259-4762. He wanted to purchase my parts. He was going to send me a cashiers check and then wanted me to pay the freight guy and taxes from the money i received from the check. Be careful this is a scam. The calls came from downtown Manhattan. He also did not communicate through racing Junk but contacted me directly.
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I placed an ad for a trailer and within 1 hour got a text from 917-259-4762.....same deal as other posts here. SCAMMER.

Glad there is a forum / community here that helps inform others of these scammers.
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New # to add to the scam list....937-754-5539. Its an Ohio area code, guy offered on my altered pretty quickly. From there it was down hill. Texts in broken English, he was going to send extra money to pay his "movers", sent me a text by mistake meant for a guy he was buying tires from with the same MO, when I looked up the address he gave me for the "bill of sale" (I just wanted his address, easiest way to get it was to say I needed to fill in the bill of sale) it turned out it was the Cleveland City Hall (Google Earth is a wonderful thing). Told him not to send the check, he did anyway from a Philadelphia address with a completely different name. I sent it back to him unopened.
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Has anyone had experience with messages from [email protected] Claiming to be a broker in London who has a client in London who wants to buy for his son in Canada....Any help would be phone number listed.
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