Power Glide jerks`

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Default Power Glide jerks`

When I start my race car with a racing powerglide and a trans brake, the car will jerk a few inches. Is this a characteristic of these transmissions or something else.
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Not normal at all
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As Hammertime said, "NOT NORMAL" The manual spool in the valve body is not lined up with the detente (notches inside). It could be caused by the shift linkage, (cable) if equipped. When the shifter is in Park or neutral the lever on the transmission must be in the same locations. If you are using and aftermarket shifter, the cable attachment end must be in the proper hole of the transmission shift lever that matches the shifter you are using.

To test if the cable adjustment is the problem; disconnect the cable from the transmission lever. By hand, put the trans in park. Start car. If it does not jerk you found the problem. To verify that, put the trans in neutral (block wheel) then start car. If there is no jerk, you need to do the cable adjustment.

If there is still a jerk, first make sure there is nothing interfering with the lever movement. There should be positive smooth movement (by hand) from Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, and First. Make sure the lever is solidly attached to the shift arm that goes into the trans. Often a poor connection is found here, from a broken weld or loose nut. If that is OK, then there is a possibility that the inside linkage is loose in the same shaft inside, not allowing the lever to properly align the manual shift spool.

I believe you are going to find the outside cable needs adjusted.

But if it still jerks, then oil pressure is going the the band, forward clutch pack, and or reverse clutch pack when it should not. Pressure testing can verify that, and then it may take disassemble to fix the problem. Once you try these fixes, let me know.


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